Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park contains one of the most attractive and varied areas of tropical forest in Uganda. It is home to a mass of forest wildlife, including 13 species of primate.

Kibale's northern tip is the highest point in the park which stands 1590m above sea level. Northern Kibale is also the wettest area, receiving an average annual rainfall of up 1700mm, mostly during March to May and September to November.

Southern Kibale adjoins Queen Elizabeth National Park and together these protected areas maintain a 180km migration corridor for wildlife which extends from Ishasha, (the remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park), to the Sebitoli Forest in the north.

This region is one of Uganda's most rewarding areas to explore. The park lies close to the tranquil Ndali-Kasenda Crater area and is within half a day's drive of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori Mountains and the Semliki National Park.

Kibale's varied altitude supports many different types of habitat, ranging from wet tropical forest (moist evergreen forest), dry tropical forest (moist semi deciduous), to woodland and savanna on the rift valley floor.


The diversity and density of primates in Kibale Forest National Park is the highest in Africa. Kibale is home to a remarkable 13 primate species, including chimpanzees, red colobus, the rare L'Hoest's monkey, black and white colobus, blue monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed monkey, olive baboon, bush baby and potto.

A network of shady forest trails delight botanists and butterfly lovers, while birders are in for a treat with 325 species including the yellow-spotted nicator, yellow-rumped tinkerbird, little greenbul, green-breasted pitta, the African pitta, the crowned eagle and the black bee-eater.

Chimpanzee Tracking and Wildlife Treks

Home to nearly 1500 chimpanzees, Kibale Forest National Park has Uganda's largest population of this endangered primate and Kibale's major attraction, of course, is the opportunity to track habituated chimps. These charming apes, more closely related to man than to any other living creature, are extremely entertaining to watch as they interact and play together in the trees.

The most accessible of Uganda's major rainforests and with such a great diversity of exciting wildlife, Kibale's lush tropical rainforest is a joy to explore on foot.

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